Professor Lambda

The third top executive of the tech corporation Massive Dynamics, Inc. and defacto producer of Hero TV Philippines.


Alexander Straczynski [Secret Identity]

Solo D10, Buddy D8, Team D6

Charismatic Technocrat
Idiot Savant Inventor
Jerk with a Heart of Gold

Power Sets:

Superhhuman Intelligence D10

Media Expert D8, Medical Expert D8, Political Master D10, Science Expert D8, Tech Expert D8, Vehicle Expert D8,


Oh, the Irony
1 XP Make a joke about how inventions are deadly efficient.
3 XP Take D12 physical stress from own invention
10 XP Optimizing a mundane system with a new invention… said invention becomes the solution to end a global cataclysm event

Self Preservation Instincts
1 XP Someone outright says or implies “You’re a Jerk!”
3 XP Get threatened with slashed funds to perform non-scientific tasks
10 XP Technocrat approval rating rise through uncharacteristically heroic deeds OR ratings plummet due to another social blunder in live television


Professor Lambda

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