Combat Shroud

Edelweiss members using Combat Shrouds modified for artic operations.


Body Armor D6, Comms D10, Computer D6, Hazmat Suit D10, Optics D8, Weapons D8, Zombie Jammer D8

SFX: Area Attack. Target multiple opponents. For every additional target, add d6 to your pool and keep +1 effect die.
SFX: Burst. Step up or double a Weapons die against a single target. Remove the highest rolling die and add 3 dice for your total.
SFX: Dangerous. Add d6 to the dice pool for an attack action and step back the highest die by -1. Step up physical stress by +1.
SFX: Immunity. Spend 1 PP to ignore stress, trauma, or complications from radiation, chemical, biological and flash-based and sonic attacks
SFX: Special Ammunition. When using Weapons to create complications add D6 and step up effect die by +1.
Limit: Gear. Shutdown a Combat Shroud power and gain 1 PP. Take an action vs. the doom pool to recover.


The trademark apparel of SHADOW Company employees are military-grade Hazmat (Hazardous Material) suits as personal protection against chemical, biological, nuclear and radiological threats and high temperatures. The suit itself consists of an impermeable whole-body garment that can be worn over regular clothing and comes with a self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) to guarantee a supply of breathable air. Like real world professionals such as firefighters, researchers, paramedics and other similar personnel, SHADOW’s specialists wear the Hazmat suits when operating in contaminated facilities and highly toxic environments.

While the Hazmat “kit” worn by the employees of SHADOW and the operatives of the Disinfestation Annihilation Unit are more up-to-date in appearance, the Kit utilized by Kill Team Edelweiss is an odd mixture of the latest in military and hazmat protection, as well as aspects from World War I and World War II-issue gas warfare accessories.

With most of the features designed under Marzanna Kriegvogel’s specifications, and most likely influenced by the equipment she used as a member of the Obskura Korps, she personally dubbed the Edelweiss version of the Hazmat gear as the “Combat Shroud” due to the team’s members being labelled as Revenants (or resurrected dead), as well as an obvious reference to the name of her mentor Shroud.


In addition to the CBRN resistant overcoat and trousers, the Combat Shroud also comes with the heavy tunic jacket made of cotton drill backed up by ablative materials, making it resistant to heat and fire. It is double-breasted and is completely water proof. It also has a concealable hood that can be zipped into its own bellow when not needed. In addition, the tunic jacket contains multiple layers of impact absorbing beta cloth and Kevlar that doubles as proof against most impacts such as small arms fire. Like the rest of the Combat Shroud, the tunic jacket is chemically protected against hostile environments.

A microclimate cooling system, built into each component of the suit, is composed of a network of narrow tubing that provides 100 watts of heating or cooling to the wearer. The tactical gloves are thick and lined with Kevlar and nomex, providing limited protection from impacts and useful in handling razorwire, yet still allows the Kill Team members to perform tasks requiring precision such as operating computers, disarming explosives, and pulling the triggers of firearms. To protect the joints, the Combat Shroud comes with elbow and knee pads made out of thick, high-density foam and covered with durable nylon to protect these sensitive parts from impacts and other similar injuries.

The tactical overboots are a standard military-issue marching boots with toughened rubber soles for silent movement and have steel inserts to protect the wearer from booby traps like pit spikes and other battlefield hazards. The maintenance kit comes with an anti-vesicant dubbing which can be rubbed into the marching boots. This protects the wearer’s feet from environmental damage caused by chemicals that seep into the ground (mustard gas, etc.).

Obskura_Korps_members2.jpg The advanced equipment of the Obskura Korps was used as the main basis for the Edelweiss Combat Shroud

Another distinct feature of Edelweiss Combat Shroud is the heavily modified World War I-era respirator unit. It is made up of five elements – the gas mask, the hood, respirator regulator and air tanks. The most basic piece of the respirator unit is that protective mask that fits tightly against the face. It has two layers, one made out of silicone rubber, and the outer layer is fitted with Kevlar for additional protection against most impacts and projectile attacks. It has large eye pieces made of a double layer of toughened glass treated with an anti-fogging compound. The goggles still provide excellent peripheral vision and can be covered with removable tinted inserts.

A flexible voice emitter covers the mouth area, enabling more understandable speech and also allows the use of communications gear. There is also a screw attachment for the breather valve and a drinking tube designed for a special canteen adapter. When the respirator regulator and oxygen tanks are disengaged, the built-in side filters can block most microscopic airborne particles and droplets. Along with the mask, a rubberized fabric hood covers the Edelweiss member’s head and neck providing additional hazardous environmental protection.

The respirator regulator is the most complex part of Combat Shroud’s breathing gear. It contains several layers of particle filters, a battery powered fan which draws air into the regulator, through the filters and then forces it up the breathing pipe therefore making sure that only clean air is blown into the mask. Should the system be compromised, then the constant flow will force air out of any hole, and not draw it in, thus preventing toxic particles from entering the system.

An exterior display panel allows fellow Disinfestors to see how the regulator is functioning and to see how toxic the atmosphere is. Aside from the particle filters, the regulator also samples the air for toxic agents and will automatically introduce antidotes into the air supply to be inhaled by the wearer. The regulator’s satchel also contains a flask which feeds water supplemented with soluble stimulants and nutrients that feeds into the gasmask, allowing the wearer to operate far beyond human physical norms. A separate hose feeds directly from the I-Pack (Inhibitor Pack) used to stem the ill effects of the Insania Virus still coursing through the Revenants’ bodies.

The air tank component provides six hours of recycled air and is necessary for environments with very little or no oxygen at all. They can be switched off when the environment has sufficient oxygen then engaged when there is a lack of it, or should the Combat Shroud filters run out or (in a worst case scenario) if the respirator regulator unit fails. Another notable aspect of the Black Kit is the black hooded poncho or cloak that doubles as a shelter-half as protection against the elements, as well as for concealment.

The Combat Shroud comes along with accoutrements for personal stowage such as a bandoleers and an ALICE (All-Purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment) pack to which the user can attach a variety of bags, pouches and other containers to the belt and straps. These include canteen pouches, ammunition and grenade pouches, flashlights, radios, and others. The ALICE pack automatically comes with an extra poncho (to be combined with another poncho in order to make a tent), and a dry tin canister that is well-sealed from the environment and good for storing perishable items.

Other more sophisticated bits of technology found on the Combat Shroud are the are the SINCGARS (Single Channel Ground-Air Radio system) tactical headphones that also serves as earmuffs to protects the wearer from the effects of very loud explosions and sonic attacks (such as from flashbang or stun grenades), and various models of night-vision and thermal goggles that can be worn over the gas mask.

Present State

Though the Combat Shroud also comes with a ballistic helmet, some Kill Team members do not use them such as Nightshade, preferring to wear their tunic cowls over her hooded gasmask. Other members such as Anemone and Blackthorn wear specially-designed Chameleon Cloaks to supplement their stealth skills, while Lavender wears modified heavy EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) armor plating over their hazmat gear.

The Combat Shroud is the most commonly seen piece of gear fielded by the Edelweiss. They often wear this over their regular Disinfestor-issue uniform, but are slowly using them to complement their more advanced Exoframes.

Combat Shroud

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