Order of the Dark Rapture


A Dark Rapture outpost. Somewhere in medieval Europe.


The full history of the organization known as the Order of the Dark Rapture has been lost in the mists of time. The organization took its name from the belief that a great apocalypse or the so called “End of Times” that would be brought by powerful otherworldly entities called Starspawn. Though numbering no more than a hundred female warriors at any given era, and supported by a staff of both genders, the Order flourished through the centuries while humankind fell victim to the whims of the Starspawn.

Origins in Ancient Rome

The group traces its roots during the height of Ancient Rome. Its founders were said to be a group of historians that uncovered a series of ancient forbidden texts that were saved after the destruction of the Great Library in Alexandria in Egypt. Among these intellectuals was the Neoplatonic teacher named Hypatia who was brutally murdered by a Christian mob manipulated by Starspawn.

Hypatia. One of the spiritual founders of the Order of the Dark Rapture.

The documents gave evidence to the existence of inter-dimensional beings that were revered as gods and were therefore considered heretical. Just like the Great Library, the great city of Rome was sacked and destroyed by forces believed to be linked to the same creatures described in the texts and the few survivors went underground to form the Dark Rapture. The band of survivors consisted of the Roman intelligentsia including physicians, historians, and most of all officers and soldiers well versed in the art of war.

The Middle Ages

Unlike the bulk of humanity that was held back by superstition and religion, the Dark Rapture scoured the globe and gathered as much wisdom, magical lore and technology. This hoarding of advanced knowledge allowed the Order to develop gear, weapons and tactics to battle threats from fellow humans as well as the aliens that destroyed their former lives. This allowed them to survive through the dark and turbulent ages while the rest of humankind languished in fear.

A Dark Rapture hunter equipped with armor and weapons ahead of their time.

A true shadow organization, the members hid not only from the Starspawn and their minions, but stayed clear of their fellow humans mainly they had cast religion aside in favour of science. Despite their beliefs, Dark Rapture warriors and assassins were known to have been employed during the numerous holy wars such as the Crusades.

Though they have garnered a number of tactical victories in their guerrilla-style shadow war against the unseen aliens, the group’s worst defeat came when their headquarters in the city of Albi in France was destroyed during the Albigensian Crusade in the early part of the 13th century.

Dark_Rapture_vs_Skaven.jpg Dark Rapture hunters battling victims of the Black Plague that have mutated into rat-like monstrosities.

The Industrial Era and Beyond

Bloodied but still undefeated, the scattered members fled to other parts of Europe where some mingled with the locals to live out normal existences, while others were corrupted by the same aliens they swore to destroy. The more organized remnants embraced the new technology they had access to which they heavily modified as they continued their underground war against Starspawn.

It was a mission involving a group of Dark Rapture hunters led by Shroud that would lead to the fateful encounter with Marzanna Kriegvogel -— the future Nightshade!

A small group of Dark Rapture alien hunters led by Shroud continued their underground war against the Starspawn until her disappearance in the Hamelin Miasma. Her legacy is continued by her Revenant apprentice Marzanna Kriegvogel, whereas the last known members of the Order were inducted into the German Imperial Army. The same group would later become the dreaded Obskura Korps.

The Present

With a history of death, destruction, battle defeats and mostly betrayal by the very world they originally sought to protect, the descendants of the Dark Rapture grew weary and disillusioned. They are now under the employ of the organization Hydra after the end of the Second World War and are now known as the Department of Occult Warfare whose goals are a far cry from what the early organization stood for.

To this day, the true mission of the Dark Rapture partly continues with the SHADOW Company extermination squad called the Edelweiss under the combat command of Nightshade.

Order of the Dark Rapture

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