Spandex Crowd


A derogatory term that refers to empowered beings who wear the traditional spandex, lycra or elastane synthetic fiber tights as their costumes. It has been originally used to poke fun at those in the superhuman community who don body suits, capes and masks, but has since been applied to all heroes who abide by the norms expected of them (ex. enforcing the laws, following codes of honor, being subject to authority and civilian law, etc.). These heroes have also been referred to as “Do Gooders”, “Overgrown Boy(or Girl) Scouts”, and to a lesser degree “Clowns”.

Villains have also fallen into this category although not on the same level as their heroic (and somewhat old-fashioned) counterparts.

The term has been (incorrectly) credited to Kill Team Edelweiss and its true origins are unclear. Though the Disinfestors of the Edelweiss have made frequent use of the term, both due to their disdain of the superhuman community as well as their occasional interference with their missions, other established individuals have been known to have uttered it such as the Punisher.

Spandex Crowd

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