Triclops Multi-Vision Goggles




The multi-vision goggles is an experimental special optic device that combines numerous forms of electronic visions into one unit and allows the wearer to adapt to multiple environments. The most recent version is dubbed the “Triclops” because of its signature set of three green lenses and is currently fielded by members of Kill Team Edelweiss.

While most of the Edelweiss use the ­_standard_ Triclops MV goggles, a version labelled as Triclops 2 was specially issued to Blackthorn which gives her a broader range of functions while Foxglove’s Triclops goggles was modified to grant her a “Biometric” vision in order to better detect virus infected beings.

The Triclops came as two versions. The first was the traditional type of goggles that may be worn around the head, while the second and more advanced version was integrated into the vapor masks/helmets that were part of the Combat Shrouds worn by the Edelweiss.


The lenses of the Triclops MV (multi-vision) goggles are constructed out of dense plexiglass, the same material used for the trademark vapor masks of SHADOW Company and the Edelweiss, and is nearly unbreakable. The goggles itself is a sophisticated piece of equipment that allows the wearer access to a number of special visions that may be utilized in just about any combat zone.

Built-in image intensifiers grant the wearer the ability to see in near total darkness by amplifying existing ambient light such as the lower end of the infrared spectrum and allows operatives to work in the shadows. The main disadvantage of this vision mode is that any flash of intense light from natural causes such as lightning or artificial ones like flares or flashbang grenades may blind and disorient the wearer.

Also known as infra-red vision, this mode allows the wearer to pick up human movements through their body heat. This makes thermal vision very helpful in detecting targets in environs filled with thick fog and smoke, or areas with low temperatures. Since the thermal mode does not rely on ambient light, there is no danger of the wearer being blinded by unexpected flashes of light but is not feasible in areas with high termperatures such as the inside of a burning structure.

Abbreviated as EMF, this vision mode allows the operator to detect interference emitted by electronic devices. Every mundane device such as telephones, radios, power boxes, to more advanced gadgets such as security cameras and even other special vision goggles can be seen while the Triclops is in EMF mode and are displayed in white. This mode aids the wearer to circumvent security measures such as laser alarms, but obsures their view of other dangers such as enemy guards.

Also known as EEV mode, this grants the wearer the ability to scan an area and reveal varying properties about the objects in the said area. Items such as hazardous materials, infected creatures and explosive dangers are pre-programmed into the Triclops prior to a Kill Team mission and the EEV may be used along side the other vision modes.

This mode is only availabe in the second version of the MV goggles called the Triclops 2 and is used exclusively by Gertruda Migla, also known as the Edelweiss spirit medium soldier and sharpshooter Blackthorn. The sonar mode utilizes ultra high frequency sonar pulses that can penetrate through solid objects and shows an enhanced visual shape of the area. This allows the wearer to “see” through walls and identify objects of interest such as live targets.

The disadvantages of the sonar mode include the short downtime between the sonar emissions, the clearness of the observed area being dependent on the user’s own movement (the lesser the better), and more or less similar high-frequency sonic emissions can disrupt the sonar mode or jam it completely.

A function that Foxglove herself installed in her Triclops goggles, this mode allows her to detect even minute traces of virulent diseases or infections in living beings.

Triclops Multi-Vision Goggles

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