Another time. Another universe. Another season for Hero TV!


STATUS: Existing
CREATOR: Landcaster

Welcome to Ostia Manila, the Technocratic Nation of the Pacific and host of the 2017 search for The World’s Next King of Heroes. This reality TV show throws beings with Extraordinary Talents into a series of real life challenges. Only a few will get their names added to the roster of fame!


For years both Corporate and Philanthropic Organizations have sent off their very own representatives to participate in the event, vying for a chance to bring forth their own champions to the cause. And yet, how will this year’s contestants fare? Could they deal with the new storm on the horizon?

The storm that has taken the form of the proposed Superhuman Registration Act?


This campaign uses the Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Game rules (formerly) by Margaret Weis Productions.

Cry Wolf: a HERO Television Special

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