Wielding unstable powers stemming from the Warp, Anemone takes on the role of both healer and battle mage of the team. If one were to truly judge a person by the company she keeps, then the good-hearted Anemone has a lot of explaining to do.



Anemone, the team’s medic and sharpshooter, about to perform what the Edelweiss describes as “long-distance brain surgery” on an unsuspecting target.

Marit Winterwolf [Secret Identity]

Solo D6, Buddy D10, Team D8

Combat Medic
Winter Death

Power Sets

Body Armor D6, Chameleon Cloak D6, Comms D10, Computer D6, Hazmat Suit D10, Optics D8, Weapons D8, Zombie Jammer D8

SFX: Area Attack. Target multiple opponents. For every additional target, add d6 to your pool and keep +1 effect die.
SFX: Burst. Step up or double a Weapons die against a single target. Remove the highest rolling die and add 3 dice for your total.
SFX: Dangerous. Add d6 to the dice pool for an attack action and step back the highest die by -1. Step up physical stress by +1.
SFX. Focus. If a pool includes a Combat Shroud power, you may replace two dice of equal size with one die +1 step larger.
SFX: Protective Gear. Spend 1 PP to ignore stress, trauma, or complications from radiation, chemical, biological and flash-based and sonic attacks
SFX: Special Ammunition. When using Weapons to create assets and complications add D6 and step up effect die by +1.
Limit: Gear. Shutdown a Combat Shroud power and gain 1 PP. Take an action vs. the doom pool to recover.

Flight D6, Grapnel D6, Hydraulics D6, Jumping D6, Running D6, Shield D8, Terrain Spikes D6

SFX: EMP Shielding. Spend 1 PP to ignore stress, trauma, or complications from electrical and magnetic attacks
Limit: Dead Weight. While swimming, change any Exoframe power into a complication and gain 1 PP. Activate an opportunity or remove the complication to recover the power
Limit: Malfunction. Shutdown an Exoframe power and gain 1 PP. Take an action vs. the doom pool to recover.

Enhanced Durability D8, Enhanced Reflexes D8, Enhanced Strength D8, Mystic Attack D10, Psychic Resistance D10, Superhuman Senses D10, Superhuman Stamina D10

SFX: Healing Factor. Spend 1 PP to recover your physical stress and step back your physical trauma by -1.
SFX: Immunity. Spend 1 PP to ignore stress, trauma or complications from poison, disease, aging, fatigue, being in a vacuum or extreme temperatures
SFX: Strike Witch. Spend 1 PP or take D6 mental stress to add Mystic Attack to your dice pool until the end of the scene
Limit: Exhausted. Shutdown either Revenant powers to gain 1 PP. Recover power by activating an opportunity or during a Transition Scene
Limit: Fading Serum. Gain 1PP and take D6 emotional stress, then step down two Revenant powers by -1. Restore by activating an opportunity or during a Transition scene
Limit: Viral Infection. If Superhuman Stamina is shutdown, take d10 physical stress at the beginning and end of every Action Scene.

Air Attack D8, Air Control D8, Animal Empathy D8, Ice Attack D8, Ice Mastery D10, Mystic Senses D8, Mystic Resistance D8, Sorcery Expert D8

SFX: Area Attack. Target multiple opponents. For every additional target, add d6 to your pool and keep +1 effect die.
SFX: Aspects of Winter. When using Snow Maiden to create magic-related assets or complications add D6 and step up effect die by +1.
SFX: Child of the Frost. Spend 1 PP to ignore all stress and complications from cold or ice
SFX: Healing Wind. Add Air Control to your dice pool when helping others recover stress. Spend 1 PP to recover your own or another’s Physical Stress or step back your own or another’s Physical Trauma by -1.
SFX: Multipower. Use two or more Snow Maiden powers in a single dice pool at -1 step for each additional power
SFX: Unleashed. Step up or double any Snow Maiden power for one action. If the action fails, add a die to doom pool equal to the normal rating of your power die.
Limit: Exhausted. Shutdown either Snow Maiden powers to gain 1 PP. Recover power by activating an opportunity or during a Transition Scene.
Limit: Fragile Snowflake. Earn 1 PP if you step up stress created by fire or heat-based attacks.
Limit: Spell Components. If Weapons power is shutdown, Sorcery Expert is unusable until Weapons power is recovered
Limit: Winter Voices. Earn 1 PP and step up emotional stress caused by feelings of guilt and regret.

Combat Expert D8, Covert Expert D8, Medical Expert D8, Mystic Master D10, Psych Expert D8, Performance Arts Expert D8, Theology Expert D8, Vehicle Expert D8, Wilderness Master D10


Maternal Instincts
1 XP When you give support to another character
3 XP When you help an ally recover stress during an action scene
10 XP When you put yourself in danger of defeat or capture to help an ally escape, or when you flee a battle and allow an ally to be taken in your place

Unflinching Resolve
1 XP When you stand up to another character
3 XP When you prove one of your decisions was best for the team
10 XP When your refusal to back down causes the team to change its plans to your ideas, or when you abandon an important plan or ideal under pressure from your allies


In addition to access to the extensive set of weapons and equipment from the SHADOW Company armory and the standard Kill Team load-out, Anemone often carries the following items:

  • Chameleon Cloak, handguns (usually Springfield M1911 and Colt Anaconda with sniper conversion kit), designated marksman rifle or sniper rifle, anti-material rifle, additional flashbang grenades, full combat medic kit, pouch of magical components

" Judge me if you will. If I’m to choose between saving the world, and being with the one I love, then I’d choose the latter in a heartbeat!"


Anemone on a solo recon mission during the Edelweiss assault on an infested bio-weapons laboratory in the Caucasus.


Real Name: Marit Winterwolf
Current Alias: Anemone, Meg, Margaret Winters, Winter Death, Meganekko, Annie, Snow Maiden, Snegurochka , Princess
Affiliation: SHADOW Company (Kill Team Edelweiss), UN Interim Administration Mission In Kosovo, Sisters Hospitallers
Base of Operations: Falcon’s Nest, Zurich, Switzerland; formerly New York, the Briksdalsbreen wilderness
Alignment: Good
Identity: Secret (true name known to SHADOW Company and SHIELD)
Citizenship: Norwegian
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Mercenary, librarian, nun, music teacher, relief aid worker, paramedic, survivalist, UN peacekeeper
Theme Song: “Winterborn” by The Cruxshadows



Love at first sight. Meg upon meeting Marzanna Kriegvogel (Nightshade) for the first time.

Gender: Female
Height: 5’7"
Eyes: Green
Hair: Blonde
Universe: Earth-851815
Place of Birth: Unknown
Date of Birth: 11 October 1984


Anemone’s true family origins are a mystery. Though official records say that she spent her life in the village of Stryn in Sogn og Fjordane county in Norway and was raised by a middle-class family of English descent, very few know that as a young child, her unconscious form was found by nuns when she was left at their church doorstep. Aside from her sudden appearance, the only other things that were odd about the girl was her outdated Victorian-era dress and a hastily scribbled note requesting that the girl be cared for. The nuns gave her the name Margaret and after a year in an orphanage she was adopted by the Winters household.

During her early years, Margaret was sickly, timid and uncertain of her own worth due to the cold and abusive treatment she received from her adoptive family. She became the emblematic introverted bookworm while her shyness and naivete made her the subject of bullying in school. Even though she never made any friends, she discovered her love for music and an affinity for animals, interacting with them as if they were people.

As socially inept as she was, Margaret (nicknamed Meg) blossomed into a girl whose captivation befitted a princess. She likened herself to a modern day “Cinderella”, a beautiful girl who dreamed that she would one day meet a prince who shall rescue her from the empty life she had been cursed with. Little did she know that her fantasy will be warped in ways that she could never have imagined.

One dark and snowy night, her older brother arrived home intoxicated and attempted to assault her sexually. Despite her weak body, Meg was able to fight him off, stabbing him in his leg with a bayoneted antique musket and clubbing him close to unconsciousness. Instead of supporting her, Meg’s adopted parents berated her with a string of insults, accused her of bewitching her brother and threatened to send her to prison.

The betrayal by her parents as well as the years of mistreatment by all those around her finally reached a terrible limit as the patient girl’s mind finally snapped. This caused Margaret’s inert Warp powers to manifest in the form of hail of ice shards and powerful winds engulfed the entire village, demolishing the structures and tearing every living being to shreds. When the red haze of anger lifted from Meg’s eyes, she is overwhelmed by the shock and grief of her actions and in a tearful rage she ran blindly into the wilderness.

The blonde teenager remained in the forests of Briksdalsbreen presumably for years where she lived as a hermit and became the subject of local legends, being bestowed titles such as the “Wild Woman of the Woods” and a Snegurochka (Snow Maiden). It was in that unforgiving icy cold wilderness that Meg found solace with a group of wolves that treated her like the mother of the pack. She later stumbles upon a hidden stash of World War Two-era equipment, mastering the firearms and becoming proficient in long-range shooting, then took it upon herself to protect the forest that had become her home.

Meg’s life in isolation was not without incident as she found herself pitted against a variety of hostile elements such as poachers, smugglers and eventually Starspawn. One upsetting battle against awakened abominations left from a forgotten Nazi underground laboratory nearly destroyed her body and spirit, her life being saved only through the sacrifice of her wolf friends. The broken but still breathing Meg was later found by members of the Forsvarets Spesialkommando (Norwegian Army special forces). Meg hardly remembered the events before her rescue except seeing the vision of a raven swooping down and taking her away and to safety …

Upon her return to civilization, Meg was officially embraced the Norsk version of her first name, Marit, and then changed her surname to Vinterwolff or Winterwolf, in memory of the wolves she had befriended.

She was adopted and cared for by the Nordic branch of the charity organization known as the Sisters Hospitallers. As a member, Meg found satisfaction in aiding others, principally teaching music and rescuing abused and exploited women whose situations were nearly similar to hers. She spent several years traveling the world, not only to help those in need, but to find meaning and direction in her troubled life. Her missionary duties and relief work also exposed her to various cultures and religions. These experiences did more to change her as she adopted the beneficial beliefs and practices of those she was supposed to convert.

After being offered and then accepting a post in the United Nations, she was also sent to areas of conflict where she witnessed first-hand the true horrors of war and saw that not all monsters come from outside of this realm of reality. It was these experiences that shook Marit’s faith and devotion to a higher power and made her realize that prayers and charity alone cannot stop inexplicable acts of violence and hatred. Disillusioned and greatly saddened, she quit her job at the UN and returned to Norway where she attained a musical degree and became a teacher.

During those quiet years as a teacher, Meg had refrained from using any form of violence, most especially her powers. This changed when she and future Edelweiss members Sebastien Eunika (Gentian) and Shanelle Cadwalder (Marigold) where drawn into a Miasma. Made to face the Starspawn and other mutated monstrosities within, Meg was forced to activate her control over ice and air once again.

As the three girls fought to escape the dark dimension, Sebastien and Shanelle were infected with the Insania Virus and incapacitated, leaving Meg to face the Starspawn alone. The battle was short yet brutal with the young Marit triumphing at the end. The Miasma dissipated, but she refused to abandon her two new friends, staying with their unmoving bodies until help arrived in the form of SHADOW Company Disinfestor units.

It was during her stay in SHADOW that Meg learned that she had been infected with the Insania Virus long before her exposure to the Miasma and lived with the affliction for much of her life. It was not until the Amaranthus serum was administered to her by the Big Boss of SHADOW herself that her fears of turning into a monster were laid to rest.

Left with no other choice, Marit Vinterwolff accepted Foxglove’s invitation into SHADOW Company where she was given the callsign Anemone (meaning “forsaken” in the language of flowers), serving as the primary survivalist, medical support and the designated marksman of the newly formed Kill Team Edelweiss. She found the amoral practices of the Company utterly detestable, but chose to remain only after being introduced to Marzanna Kriegvogel who shares the same trauma of murdering their own parents, and with whom she has developed a strong emotional bond.


Meg after losing herself in the snowy wilderness.


Anemone acts as the heart and soul of the Edelweiss unit —– a solitary guiding light embedded in a world of shadows. When not performing tasks for the Company, Meg takes the time to hone her considerable musical skills. She also donates a sizeable amount of her Company salary to charity particularly for environmental causes and wildlife preservation.

In spite of being shy and reserved, she speaks calmly and respectfully at all times. She is willing to aid and please others to the point of becoming obsequious. The years of training with the Edelweiss has made her more confident, determined and courageous. Marit is very conservative and yet open-minded, known for her child-like sincerity and is gifted with a silver tongue that she uses to heal rifts within the squad, particularly where the hot-headed and unruly Marigold is involved.

It is worth noting that she is also a committed vegetarian, a direct result of her time spent with wolves in the wilderness to the point that she refuses to consume meat, preferring to endure a slow and painful death from starvation.

Even with her minimal combat experience, she is seen by others as an ideal soldier, obeying her orders and accepting missions without question even if they go against her better judgement.

To this day, she maintains the instincts of the mother of the wolf pack that she once led, taking great risks to safeguard the members of her team. It is believed that the only reason she remains with SHADOW is her devoted relationship with Nightshade to whom she is tremendously (some say inhumanely) loyal to and has affectionately nicknamed her “prince”. When on the field, her bravery goes unchallenged. She can be seen either providing overwatch at long range, or in the thick of the actual pandemonium patching up wounded squad members and engaging enemies up close with firearms, as well as with her wind and ice magic.

Those who are very familiar with Marit Vintervolff’s kind demeanor are usually left mentally and emotionally distressed when they see her switch to a ferocious rage during the heat of battle, most especially when Nightshade is in danger.

Just like a wolf.

Abilities & Resources

Her exposure to a wide variety of religious beliefs, philosophies and magical practices from around the world has turned Anemone into what Foxglove calls a “universal” priestess and healer. Though she has yet to make peace with herself and fully regain her faith and trust in a higher power, Meg became specialized in consecration and exorcism, abilities that had considerably aided the Edelweiss during encounters with demonic forces.

Besides her powers based on faith, Anemone is well-versed in the mystic arts particularly cold or ice-based magic. With the death of her foster family still scarring her memories, Meg is sometimes disinclined to activate her Warp powers to the fullest. When she does make use of her magic, Anemone plays the part of the “buffer”, activating various stunts to boost the actions of her teammates such as guiding or deflecting projectiles away, or healing injuries using air magic. When necessary, she is able to use the powers offensively, having shards of ice materialize from thin air and propelling them towards her foes using her controlled winds being just a few of the effects she can create.

When not utilizing her powers, she relies on her enhanced prowess, the experience and hardships she underwent during her years as a hermit in the wilderness and tough training regimen of a Disinfestor in the Edelweiss. Her survival and tracking skills, especially in forested, mountainous or artic regions, are unparalleled since she is able to lead her team to targets that can elude the most sophisticated detection systems, as well as to evade the most relentless of pursuers.

She is very much at home in winter environments, being able to resist temperatures that can give the local fauna hypothermia. Meg is fully capable taking icy cold showers without flinching, eat unheated food without any complaints and the like. When in the wild, she virtually becomes one with nature, blending with her surroundings and gaining an immense advantage when giving her squad sniper support.

Being tagged as the team’s designated marksman, her favoured weapons are long-range rifles (dedicated sniper, assault or battle rifles classes, suppressed or otherwise) and more importantly her customized anti-tank rifles

She is sometimes teamed up with fellow sharpshooter Blackthorn, but unlike her Clairvoyant counterpart, Anemone would rather dispatch her target swiftly, silently and more or less cleanly, rather than noisily and splattering their body parts all over the place. Otherwise, she goes about her sniping chores on her own but prefers to be paired with the death-dealing close-quarters combatant Nightshade whenever possible mainly because of her altruistic friendship with the other girl.

Traditionally, medics go into a warzone unarmed and wear an insignia to display their profession and non-combatant status. Marit used to follow this procedure during her stay in the Sisters Hospitallers and as a UN peacekeeper. There are no such restrictions in SHADOW Company, and this allows Anemone to fulfill her role as a combat medic; going into the fray fully armed and protected to better provide first aid and trauma care to the Kill Team should their innate healing abilities fail to cope with their injuries and other complications.

She is able to create charms, potions and most important of all, mystic weapons and ammunition that can deal with foes that can stand up against SHADOW’s most advanced equipment. When confronting Starspawn, Meg imbues Warp energies into her guns, temporarily morphing them into mystically-charged weapons that she refers to as her Gandr (Norsk meaning magic wand) rifles. When coupled with specially-prepared Ember powder ammunition, she can channel her potent spells at much longer ranges to both increase the combat effectiveness of her allies and to inflict debilitating damage and complications on the opposing forces.

Her work with the Hospitallers and the United Nations has not been forgotten by her former colleagues which enables her to seek any form of help from contacts within both organizations. She has nearly unlimited access to the equipment and armory of SHADOW Company and the cooperation of many of its employees who see Meg as the only member of the Edelweiss whom they can trust and respect rather than fear.


Two creatures of the snow-covered forest. The wolf and the sniper.


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