The Edelweiss fighter pilot and mechanical engineer who is still trying to prove her worth to the Kill Team and to S.H.A.D.O.W. Company.



Rosemary using an experimental flight pack.

Lucca Zanetti [Secret Identity]

Solo D6, Buddy D10, Team D8

Daredevil Pilot
Heavy Arms

Power Sets

Digital Conversion D10, Enhanced Intelligence D8, Hyper-Invention D10, Radiowave Mastery D10, Technology Control D8

SFX: Automata. When using Arcane Mechanic to create tech-related assets or complications add D6 and step up effect die by +1.
SFX: Focus. In a pool including Arcane Mechanic replace two dice of equal steps with one die of +1 step
Limit: Depression. Earn 1 PP and step up emotional stress caused by feelings of anguish and guilt
Limit: Exhausted. Shutdown either Arcane Mechanic powers to gain 1 PP. Recover power by activating an opportunity or during a Transition Scene.

Body Armor D6, Comms D10, Computer D6, Hazmat Suit D10, Optics D8, Weapons D8, Zombie Jammer D8

SFX: Area Attack. Target multiple opponents. For every additional target, add d6 to your pool and keep +1 effect die.
SFX: Burst. Step up or double a Weapons die against a single target. Remove the highest rolling die and add 3 dice for your total.
SFX: Dangerous. Add d6 to the dice pool for an attack action and step back the highest die by -1. Step up physical stress by +1.
SFX: Hacked. When using Computer to give a “Hacked” complication add D6 and step up the effect die by +1
SFX: Protective Gear. Spend 1 PP to ignore stress, trauma, or complications from radiation, chemical, biological and flash-based and sonic attacks
SFX: Special Ammunition. When using Weapons to create assets and complications add D6 and step up effect die by +1.
SFX: Stratagems. When using Advanced Computer to request for SHADOW Company or military-related assets or complications add D6 and step up effect die by +1.
Limit: Gear. Shutdown a Combat Shroud power and gain 1 PP. Take an action vs. the doom pool to recover.
Limit: Explosives. Turn Weapons power into a complication and gain 1 PP. Activate an opportunity or remove the complication to recover the power.

Flight D6, ECM D8, Grapnel D6, Hydraulics D6, Jumping D6, Running D6, Terrain Spikes D6, Trophy System D8

SFX: EMP Shielding. Spend 1 PP to ignore stress, trauma, or complications from electrical and magnetic attacks
Limit: Dead Weight. While swimming, change any Exoframe power into a complication and gain 1 PP. Activate an opportunity or remove the complication to recover the power
Limit: Malfunction. Shutdown an Exoframe power and gain 1 PP. Take an action vs. the doom pool to recover.

Enhanced Durability D8, Enhanced Senses D8, Enhanced Strength D8, Enhanced Reflexes D8, Mystic Attack D10, Psychic Resistance D10, Superhuman Stamina D10

SFX: Healing Factor. Spend 1 PP to recover your physical stress and step back your physical trauma by -1.
SFX: Immunity. Spend 1 PP to ignore stress, trauma or complications from poison, disease, aging, fatigue, being in a vacuum or extreme temperatures
SFX: Strike Witch. Spend 1 PP or take D6 mental stress to add Mystic Attack to your dice pool until the end of the scene
Limit: Exhausted. Shutdown either Revenant powers to gain 1 PP. Recover power by activating an opportunity or during a Transition Scene.
Limit: Fading Serum. Gain 1PP and take D6 emotional stress, then step down two Revenant powers by -1. Restore by activating an opportunity or during a Transition scene
Limit: Viral Infection. If Superhuman Stamina is shutdown, take d10 physical stress at the beginning and end of every Action Scene.

Business Expert D8, Combat Expert D8, Covert Expert D8, Radio-Telecom Master D10, Science Expert D8, Tech Master D10, Vehicle Master D10


Forbidden Love
1 XP When you choose to flirt with a fellow hero or a non-heroic Watcher character.
3 XP When your work or activities put your chosen character in danger, or your commitment to your chosen character puts your team in danger
10 XP When your involvement with your chosen character changes them irreversibly, or you break off your relationship in order to protect your chosen character

Romantic Distractions
1 XP When you take up an activity that involves a good deal of time away from the rest of your team and your company
3 XP When the demands of your chosen activity conflicts with your team or company responsibilities
10 XP When you either abandon your team or quit your company for your chosen activity at a critical moment or abandon your chosen activity in order to help your team or your company at a critical moment.


In addition to access to the extensive set of weapons and equipment from the SHADOW Company armory and the standard Kill Team load-out, Rosemary often carries the following items:

  • Handgun (usually Sig Sauer 226 and Glock 17), LMG, assault rifle or SMG, rocket launcher, United Cutlery M48 warhammer, full vehicle technician kit, advanced quantum radio, custom laptop computer, EMP grenades, sentry gun, other assorted gadgets, additional Claymore mines, full combat engineer kit

“Talent is a key factor, of course, but without some luck on your side you’re likely to fail.”


From a luckless married woman and frustrated engineer, to a badass fighter pilot!


Real Name: Lucca Zanetti
Current Alias: Rosemary, Rose, Rosie, Luc-chan, Tech Girl, Mechanic, Rocketeer
Affiliation: SHADOW Company (Kill Team Edelweiss); formerly Royal Canadian Air Force (reserve), Canadian Airlines, Saffron Corporation (Toronto branch)
Base of Operations: Falcon’s Nest, Zurich, Switzerland; formerly Toronto, Canada
Alignment: Good
Identity: Secret (true name known to SHADOW Company and SHIELD)
Citizenship: Italian / Canadian
Marital Status: Widowed
Occupation: Mercenary, terrorist, test pilot, mechanic
Theme Song: “Paint” by Roxette



Lucca’s career path once landed her a spot in Air Canada, but Cruel Fate had other plans for her!

Gender: Female
Height: 5’6"
Eyes: Ruby Brown
Hair: Brown
Universe: Earth-851815
Place of Birth: Taranto, Italy
Date of Birth: 17 February 1982


The story of Lucca Zanetti is a classic example of how one’s well-prepared plans for the future could fall apart in a blink of an eye. She was the younger child of a pair of sisters born to an Italian father and a mother of Armenian descent. She spent her early days in Italy until her father’s untimely death through cancer. Afterwards, the mother and two siblings moved to Canada to establish a new life there. Being a former employee from the Italian air-sea rescue services, Lucca’s mother made a living by joining a flying school to train recruits, something that would influence her daughter for the years to come.

Lucca’s propensity with machinery surfaced early when she successfully assembled her own radio in the family’s tool shed using junked parts. Despite this accomplishment, little Lucca had her sights elsewhere. While most of her peers engaged in idle gossip over the surreal lives of Hollywood stars and the exploits of their favorite super-powered costumed heroes, Lucca looked up to her older sister for support and her pilot mother, as inspiration. Coupled with having grown up watching retro television shows involving aerial dogfights (the likes of “Blue Thunder” and “Airwolf”), it was of little surprise that Lucca wished to become a fighter pilot herself. But like many girls her age, she also wished to find her own prince charming, get married and live a happy family life.

As the years drove by, Lucca proved to be a quintessential late bloomer. From a skinny, sickly child that no one bothered to give a second look, she unfolded into an attractive woman whose social skills were held back only by her insecurities. On Marle’s urging, Lucca tried her luck at modelling where, despite the excellent pay, she lasted only a few months because she found no satisfaction and longed for the possible excitement that the life of a pilot could bring.

Not wishing to rely on her mother’s financial support to get her through school, Lucca pooled what money she made from her short stint as a model and worked a variety of jobs including a truck and taxi driver, photographer and as a telecommunications operator. She also served as a reservist in the Canadian Air Force where she gained a better understanding of both fixed-wing and rotary wing aircraft.

Upon finishing her courses in mechanical and electrical engineering, she attended aviation school and got her license. She went on to work as a commercial pilot for Air Canada, then later for one of the North American branches of the Saffron Corporation. Her background as a mechanical engineer supplemented her pilot training, allowing her not only to operate aircraft, but to repair and maintain them as well, an attribute that impressed her employers.

Throughout her stay with Saffron, Lucca ferried Saffron employees and VIPs. At one point in time, her path crossed with that of Saffron’s CEO Kimberly Anne Foxglove whose momentary smiling glance greatly flustered the young pilot. She was even more stupefied when Foxglove gave her a chance to be her personal chauffeur, but since it meant leaving her newfound home, Lucca politely declined. Surprised but not disappointed at the refusal, Foxglove gave Lucca her private e-mail and mobile number should she ever change her mind or simply require a favor.

Despite having no interest in the CEO’s offer, Lucca kept the contact details. She was completely unaware that Foxglove had developed an interest in her as she noticed the young pilot’s uncanny but untapped mechanical aptitude.

For a while, it was all good as the salary even enabled Lucca to gift her mother with her own small airplane. She was well on her way to one of the top slots of Saffron Toronto when misfortune reared its ugly head like a vicious snake that had been waiting to strike. Everything changed for Lucca when the private plane piloted by her mother and carrying her beloved sister Marle suffered an engine failure and crashed.

The loss of her remaining family became too much for her to endure and she blamed herself for the disaster. Depression slowly chewed at every facet of her being like a deadly parasite, leading her to quit her stable job. She drowned her sorrows with alcohol and attempted to seek the same love and comfort that she had lost.

After a few failed relationships, Lucca ultimately met a man named Trent Lamberto, who charmed his way into her heart with sweet words and outlandish promises. Thinking that she had found the right person to share her pain, she accepted his companionship and the two married shortly after.

Only later did she find out that Trent was not the amiable man that had courted her. Her new home became a virtual prison and she was made a slave to the unfeeling man’s whims, allowing her out of the estate only when it suited him. To make matters worse, he was also a high-ranking member of the American Maffia that was slowly making its presence felt in Toronto. On a few occasions she witnessed first-hand the cruelty he could inflict upon others, making Lucca truly realize the grave mistake she had made.

For nearly a year, happiness was a foreign concept to Lucca Zanetti (she privately refused to use her married name). As afraid as she was of her husband’s wrath, her own anger grew as he flaunted his mistresses in her presence. Yet despite the infidelity, her loss of freedom and the few times that her husband had physically hurt her, Lucca became too afraid to leave and was resigned to playing the role of the trophy wife stuck in an abusive relationship.

For some time, she attempted to escape her harsh reality by drinking and seeking comfort with strangers on the internet. None of what she did helped until she became acquainted with a younger man who stumbled on her social media account by accident. They easily gained each other’s trust and after giving her real name, Lucca learned that her friend was a Filipino named Joel Domingo Chavez. He was not only sincere and empathetic, but Lucca saw him as a kindred spirit and the two started an online relationship.

Only the constant exchange of messages between Joel and herself kept Lucca away from the demon in a bottle and for a while her emotional health improved. She was even able to keep her anger in check even as her husband’s tirades continued. This pent up rage came to a boiling point during Trent’s birthday celebration at his mansion when Lucca was openly insulted by her husband’s long time mistress. Unable to contain herself, Lucca shot both him and woman while in an act of passion. Despite feeling revulsion for her first act of murder, Lucca kept her wits, packed up what belongings and money she could and left her prison without ever looking back. Little did she know that while the concubine died, Trent survived and swore a painful revenge.

With nowhere to go and with the police and Trent’s accomplices on her tail, Lucca grew desperate. It was during this moment of intense desperation that she unlocked an innate Warp power. As she used her laptop to transfer what money she had left, she inadvertently transformed herself into digital data and literally delivered herself to the e-mail address of the one person who she cared for.

Then in a humble house in a Philippine suburb, the young man named Joel Chavez was given the surprise of his life when electrical Warp energies erupted from his desktop computer and converged on the floor until it took the shape of a shocked and frightened woman. Looking none the worse for wear, Lucca realized where she was and cried in Joel’s arms.

Not wanting to keep secrets, even to someone she knew only online and had just met in person, Lucca related her plight. To her relief and surprise, Joel agreed to keep her safe, unmindful of the dangers. After staying with Joel for a few months, Lucca felt she was beyond the Lamberto family’s reach. After an awkward start, the closeness she shared with her newfound friend grew into a dubious sexual relationship and for the first time since forever, Lucca found contentment.

Then Fate proved Lucca wrong. It did not take long for Trent Lamberto’s connections to locate his “possession”. Lucca was elsewhere when Mafia henchmen stormed into her new abode and found Joel alone. He was abducted in her stead and taken to an unmapped island cove ruled by pirates that were in league with the crime family. Even after being interrogated nearly to death (half of the torture done by Trent himself), Joel refused to give Lucca up. Fearing for the life of her younger lover, Lucca surrendered to Trent but not before sending a message to an e-mail given to her by a certain CEO years before and called upon much needed help ……

True to her word, Foxglove gave an order that astonished the rest of the Edelweiss. She sent the Kill Team on what was to be one of their very rare rescue operations. The empowered Revenant Disinfestors torched the island’s small community, slaughtered the Mafia henchmen and the pirates (as well as their families!) with the same efficient remorselessness that defines what they are.

They rescue Lucca, a shaken and lightly injured Lucca, while Joel barely clung to life. With their mission complete, the Kill Team leaves but not before a defeated and captured Trent Lamberto is savagely beaten but left alive just long enough for the thermobaric bomb (he had been tied to) detonate, erasing nearly every trace of the pirate’s cove and killing any survivors missed by the Edelweiss purge.

Then as an added favor, Foxglove gave the nearly dead Joel Chavez the best medical treatment the Company could deliver, saving the young man’s life and further increasing Lucca’s debt to the Boss of SHADOW. The latter was then made a full-fledged employee of Saffron Corporation, and as well as that of SHADOW where she became Foxglove’s driver, secretary and an addition to her many lovers.

Later, she (more or less) willingly submitted to experimentation, being infected with the Insania Virus and then revived using the Amaranthus serum. While the transformation process was an outstanding success, the newly transformed Lucca Zanetti is currently going through the Edelweiss training regimen both in their base of operations and on actual missions where she serves as the team’s pilot.

To this day, Lucca feels that she only escaped one prison and then willingly entered another, but convinces herself that it was all for her lover’s sake even though she sadly chose not to make any form of contact with Joel just to keep him safe.

Though still on reserve status, she had been given the callsign “Rosemary” which means “remembrance” in the language of flowers. As nice as the codename sounds, Lucca still wonders if the term was meant as an insult by Foxglove since she is unable to move forward -- clinging to the memories of a life that she left behind.

And most of all, a love that was not meant to be. Or so she keeps telling herself.


Lucca about to succumb to road rage.


People often mistake Lucca as being nothing more than a naïve airhead because of her idealistic and cheerful nature. In her younger years, she was extremely shy but overcame the trait after she was convinced by her older sister Marle to become a model. Getting involved in numerous other occupations, most of all, her stint as a commercial pilot instilled a great deal of confidence within her. This same sureness was shattered only by the death of her much idolized mother and sister Marle, and made worse by her ill-thought of marriage to Trent Lamberto. She has since convalesced, regaining her self-worth through her friendship and later romantic link with her online friend turned one-time real world lover Joel Chavez.

Her enhancement using the Insania Virus and her ongoing grueling training with SHADOW has forged her into a much stronger person physically and mentally. Although very calm and composed during most scenarios, there are instances when her emotions get the better of her such as times when she would succumb to road rage while driving or when she would suffer from random panic attacks when her plans go awry. Though she is no longer dependent on alcohol, she still loves the beverage as she is seen during her spare time holding a can of beer or a glass of Bloody Mary in hand just to relax.

Rosemary’s relationship with the other members of the Edelweiss is considered precarious at the very least. Being the newest member of the team, as well as being assigned (mostly) to vehicle operation and maintenance duties, she has seldom accompanied the other Disinfestors on actual ground “wetwork”. Her inexperience in combat as well as her occasional displays of naiveté has been the subject of scorn by some of the more battle-hardened Revenants. Even if the team as a whole do not voice the thought, she feels that she is just still outsider and an unneeded cog in the killing machine that is the Edelweiss.

Her connection with Foxglove is deeply professional as it is personal because of the nature of her recruitment, plus Lucca’s need to acknowledge the favors that may never be fully re-paid. By far, her relationship with Marigold is dreadfully strained, as she is the target of the pyrokinetic’s constant barrage of insults and refuses to work with her unless ordered to. In contrast, she shares amicable ties with Anemone and Gentian. The former being the most understanding of the team who always gives Rosemary sound advice, a helping hand and a shoulder to cry on, whereas she has developed a sibling-like attachment to the latter.

Like Marit Wintervolff, Lucca was initially appalled by the ruthless methods, disregard of international laws, and the complete absence of compassion and morality the Edelweiss displays on the battlefield, most notably the atrocities resulting from their indiscriminate purges. Meg has since grown accustomed to the team’s actions and (for her own sake) while Lucca follows Meg’s example and is gradually doing the same.

In addition, the demolitionist and reality hacker Sebastien Eunika (Gentian) has recently started to roguishly call Lucca by the anime-inspired nickname “Luc-chan”, a designation that Rosemary herself does not mind.

Abilities & Resources

Lucca Zanetti’s remarkable track record in both a broad range of mechanical engineering disciplines and the field of radio telecommunication and aviation gave her a secure position in SHADOW. Although sometimes referred to as the Company’s “chauffeur” or “cab driver”, she has also become one of their top notch test pilots allowing her to get a feel and at the same time enjoy the opportunity to operate mass-produced versions and experimental prototypes of land and air vehicles.

She is the top choice for inserting the team to an area of operations, as well as getting them out. During the missions where Rosemary is included in the roster, she becomes their get-away pilot of last resort since she is able to commandeer just about every known vehicle and aircraft in existence when SHADOW transport assets are unavailable.

In a sardonic twist, Lucca was able to make her childhood fantasy of becoming a fighter pilot come to reality, having been assigned to operate transport planes, attack copters , fighter-bombers and even spacecraft on actual combat missions. By far, her greatest achievement was adeptly outmaneuvering then shooting down two hostile Mig-21s fighter jets during a purge in Libya using only a modified Bell UH-1 Huey! As superb as her piloting skills have become, Lucca has been given a good deal of autonomy to constantly train and continually refine her specialty.

Upon her transformation and induction into the Edelweiss as the Disinfestor Rosemary, she developed a form of enhanced Edison-like intelligence that can be channeled to complement her already well-established mechanical aptitude. This ability allows her to use existing material components and technologies and utilize them to create new devices or applied technologies.

When not behind a desk and acting as Foxglove’s secretary, Lucca can be seen in a workshop where she can freely tinker, modify and even create new gadgets. She can maintain and repair previously operational devices, even if the said device is of an unknown type or origin (including those of extra-terrestrial make). This so-called “Hyper-Invention” power has made Rosemary the Kill Team’s primary battlefield engineering technician and gadgeteer.

Aside from the support she provides when in the cockpit of combat aircraft, Rosemary tries her utmost to become an asset on the ground also. In the few times she had fought side by side with the members of the Edelweiss, Lucca’s radio communication talent enables her to call in various forms of stratagems such as airstrikes and care packages, while her access to technology allows her to field gadgets (mostly) of her own design and construction including flight packs, automated sentry turrets, remote-controlled drones, and others.

Having gone through the same grueling regimen as other Edelweiss members, Rosemary is a highly proficient combatant and she serves as the team’s secondary heavy weapons specialist alongside the vampire Lavender.

By far, Rosemary’s most amazing power is her capability to transform matter (both living and otherwise) into bits of electronic data -- a process that she refers to as digitizing. This allows her to transmit this same “data” over phone lines and radiowaves to another location, where they re-assemble. Though the process is akin to another form of teleportation, Rosemary requires the use of a computer (a smart phone, laptop, etc.) and input the precise information such as the size and number of targets to be digitized, and the location to be transferred to.


Lucca on a normal day being the passive secretary and confidante to the Boss of SHADOW.


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