Saffron Security Force

SSF contractors setting up a base camp in Iraq.



The SSF (Saffron Security Force or simply Saffron Securities) is a private security services contractor founded by the CEO of Saffron Corporation, Kimberly Anne Foxglove. Aside from protecting its own assets such as important Saffron employees and its properties, the SSF also provides security services for third parties on a contractual basis. The unit has been in every trouble spot around the world, doing their jobs in the middle of conflicts started by groups both human and otherwise.

SSF members taking cover during an insurgent ambush on their convoy in Fallujah, Iraq.


The SSF was originally composed of members of the now defunct PMC Executive Outcomes whom Foxglove was once a member of. Its membership rapidly grew through the years especially with the influx of discharged and disgruntled soldiers, mostly from nations cutting down on military expenditures at the end of the Cold War and (most recently) veterans from the conflict in Afghanistan and the Iraq War, as well as with Saffron acquiring the contracts of other mercenary companies. With nearly unlimited funding, the SSF utilizes a vast arsenal of guns and explosives, several units of ground vehicles such as Humvees and specially modified armored cars, a fleet of patrol boats and transport ships and squadrons of helicopters, cargo planes and even fighter jets.

The SSF with an armored personnel carrier hired for convoy security for the United Nations mission in Kosovo.

Products and Services

Saffron Securities were given licenses to manufacture as well as to sell (legal) conventional small arms and even their own version of the Grizzly armored vehicle made famous by the PMC Academi. However, it is the services given by the SSF that makes them truly stand out. These include but are not limited to the providing military training (hand to hand combat, precision long-range shooting and CQB) to police, military and other PMCs, ground and maritime defense consulting, canine training, sea and aerial transport of personnel, equipment and supplies, bodyguarding and disaster response (delivery of humanitarian goods, search and rescue, etc.).

A hooded SSF contractor on patrol in Afghanistan.

Saffron Security Force

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