SHADOW Company

The symbol of SHADOW composed of their trademark gasmask superimposed upon the global map.


“I owe my soul to the company store.”

- Lyrics from the song “Sixteen Tons” by Tennessee Ernie Ford


The Special Hunters Apocalyptic Defense Outbreak Warfare unit, also known under the sinister name S.H.A.D.O.W., is an amoral private military organization formed by Foxglove after gaining control of the Saffron Corporation. It is the covert affiliate of the Saffron Security Force and like all PMCs, the expertise of SHADOW are similar to those of governmental security, military or police forces.

Like members of their sister company Saffron, they provide armed and security services when employed by government agencies and private companies in the form of guards for key personnel or protection of company premises, especially in war zones and other hostile territories. All of these tasks serve as both secondary corporate functions as well as a disguise. True to their name, their other functions are clandestine in nature and are intensely trained and equipped to operate in chemically, biologically and even irradiated hazardous environments and equally deadly opponents.

While they are known for illegal activities such as the transport and procurement of arms and technology as well as to erase any trace of wrongdoing by the Saffron Corporation, their overall mission objective is to acquire as much advanced scientific knowledge and technology to prepare for the inevitable apocalyptic demise of society and to ultimately establish a new world order when the dust had settled.

The various divisions of the Company use the same branches of Saffron Corporation around the world as their bases of operations but their main headquarters lies in the massive underground facility known as the Hive.


Cleanse. Purge. Kill.
The Three (Unofficial) Directives of SHADOW Company

A Legacy of Infamy

While the Saffron Security Force plays the role of the parent company’s publicly-known combat and tactical service provider, S.H.A.D.O.W. Company (or simply SHADOW or The Company) is the black operations unit that handles matters such as unauthorized domestic and international surveillance, assassinations, kidnapping, the infiltration and penetration of other intelligence and covert agencies, as well as the search and acquisition of extra-terrestrial specimens and artefacts more particularly anything involving Starspawn.

The Company makes use of the same scientific and technology research resources as its parent corporation Saffron though its research goes far beyond that of pharmaceuticals, cosmetic and food products. It handles a variety of fields such as pharmacology, physiology, toxicology, pathology and the biochemistry of chemical, biological and radiological agents as well as the testing, development, and evaluation of hazardous warfare countermeasures including medical materials and therapies to handle casualties of chemical, biological and nuclear weapons. Apart from the training of personnel and production of vaccines and other medicines, SHADOW is also known to employ such weapons on the field for practical trialing.

In stark contrast to the actions of more benign organizations such as SHIELD, SHADOW Company conducts their business outside the auspices of international law. Their pr which puts them at odds with international criminal organizations such as Hydra. The Company’s primary focus is to generate income by rendering services that are not subject to the same policies that hinder their more legal counterparts. They make sure that all contact is limited through third parties and their handiwork is always attributed to other factions. Their willingness to perform missions that even the most unsavory mercenary groups would shun has won them a great deal of notoriety and is offered countless contracts despite the enormous fees their services require.

SHADOW Company Disinfestors posing as members of the Center for Disease Control.


The operatives of SHADOW are known for their staunch loyalty to Kimberly Anne Foxglove, having earned their respect through her force of personality and her personal participation in several missions by leading her operators from the front. The highest ranking agents report directly to her and not only act as her eyes and ears but her claws as well.

They have access to an assortment of NATO-issue weaponry and vehicles, and when they need to disguise themselves, the uniforms of various armed forces and publicly known PMCs. Their most distinctive feature is their CBRND (Chemical Biological Radiological & Nuclear Defense) suits which have been modified for ballistic protection and mobility during combat.

Just one of many modified Hazmat (Hazardous Material) suits utilized by SHADOW on the field.

The Company also maintains a number of paramilitary sub-units to ensure the completion of their goals. Some operate in disguise when in plain sight, while the rest do their dirty work in the shadows both figuratively and literally.

D.A.U. ( Disinfestation Annihilation Unit)

Composed of normal but highly-trained human members, they are known as the Disinfestors and the “clean-up” crew of SHADOW whose foremost jobs are to erase any trace of Saffron’s unlawful activities including physical evidence and potential witnesses.

The Kill Teams

They are the true “special forces” of SHADOW’s DAU composed of supersoldiers enhanced by the Insania Virus. They specialize in covert actions such as industrial espionage, sabotage, and assassination. There were five Kill Teams all in all, yet only one -- the all-female team with the callsign Edelweiss had managed to survive to fight in the service of SHADOW.

Present State

Very few in the world are aware of SHADOW’s existence. Those who do are mainly individuals or organizations that reluctantly hire the Company for their services. Although technically a criminal organization, their operations are tolerated by SHIELD under Nick Fury who has personally recruited SHADOW’s DAU and their Edelweiss team on a number of occasions though he sees the mercenary company as a lesser but necessary evil.

While one may deduct that SHADOW’s battles against extra-terrestrials particularly Starspawn, abominations and their minions as benevolent actions, the truth is that they have a wholly different agenda and that is simply to reap any form of reward (whether it be monetary or scientific advancement) from the expanding fields of conflict and chaos.

The current headquarters of the Company is located in Zurich, Switzerland, the same home province of the Saffron Corporation but in the more mountainous region called the Falkennest (Falcon’s Nest) where they can conduct their training and experimentation far away from prying eyes. It is here that SHADOW’s true base of operations, the subterranean facility is known only as the Hive is located.

Current Agenda And Beyond

The idea of preparing for the true apocalypse that would end the world has long been on the agenda of SHADOW. They intend not only to survive such cataclysmic events, but also to rule over the world once the rest of humanity has parted. They have already taken actions for that sole purpose such as constructing radiation-shielded underground bunkers, the stockpiling of weapons and the preservation of human DNA should they need to re-populate the planet.

SHADOW Company

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