“The defiler of a thousand worlds appeared in a churning vortex of screams and tears, the sound of which was like drinking from the fountain of suffering itself. He took the form of a loathsome beast with countless fierce claws and reeking scales.

Everywhere on his body were the tormented faces of the dead, protruding from his flesh like screaming boils …

… then he opened his mouth … revealing his horrific maw, like a cage of glistening scimitars. His breath was a putrid cloud that scorched our lungs …

In our last moments we saw into that pit of madness … the very origin of corruption … as his tongue grasped us like a great serpent and began to draw us into his belly, which was a furnace of unending torment that was to strip away our souls and leave only empty husks writhing in agony!"

- H.P. Lovecraft, “The Call of Cthulu”

Creatures From Beyond

The Starspawn, also known as abominations, aberrations or alien spawn are the unwanted descendants of a deity and some other otherworldly being. Although they are not gifted with the same level of power and immortality as their parents, they are still spiteful creatures that seek to further their grasp on the Material Plane and wish to nothing but the destruction or enslavement of humanity. They have been known throughout history as epic monsters of myths and legends.

The Early Starspawn

The occultists and historians of SHADOW Company believe that that first Starspawn to arrive on Earth were an extra-terrestrial species of land-based shape-shifting and intelligent gigantic octopus-like beings. Known as a space-faring race, a large number of them discovered and colonized the Earth during the Paleozoic period (roughly 500 million years ago). They were known to have built a number of cities in the newly formed continents although these attempts at re-establishing a civilization were lost when they were swallowed up by the oceans including their most sacred stone city called R’lyeh. A few structures remained hidden on the surface including one which was discovered by a Saffron Corporation exploration team in the Himalayas and another one later in Bouvet Island which was a thousand miles off the coast of Antartica.

Very little information about the Starspawn has been collected through the centuries due to the few artefacts and historical documents having been found and preserved, whereas actual encounters with the creatures either go unrecorded or end badly with most of the survivors losing their sanity from the experiences. Any existing data matched just about every story and legend regarding mythical creatures and monstrous deities. The basis for these ancient tales most probably stems from the ability of this variant of Starspawn to alter their shape at will, and most certainly came into contact with human civilization.

One other certitude is that the Starspawn species are enormously dedicated to their god Cthulu - one of the so-called Old Ones believed to lie dormant in the sunken city of R’lyeh, and with whom they share very similar cephalopod appearances. The analogous octopi traits have led occultists to believe that the original Starspawn are actually the direct offspring or at least the genetic children of Cthulu.

A Starspawn encountered by the Saffron Corporation expedition in the Himalayas.

The Minions of the Spawn, and the Insania Virus

At the present, occult societies and similar groups consider the Starspawn as malevolent beings that later spawned a new race of progeny known as Minions. It was discovered that it was through both direct and incidental contact with these creatures that the flora and fauna of the planet, as well as humankind, have been exposed to a genetic-altering infection tagged as the Insania Virus which in itself is spread mostly by airborne means with the formation of a Miasma being the most common method.

The unfortunate results of an Insania infection are also labelled as the children of Abominations. Many of these species became known through the ages as creatures of myth such as the Kindred (modern day vampires), the various strains of Lycanthropes, the Dragons from medieval tales,the aggressive, secretive army of hybrids called the Chimera, and even the few documented zombie infestations that have been blamed on biological or chemical weapons.

The abomination known only as the Dunwich Horror.

Gallery of Horror

Through the centuries, the Starspawn have more or less made their presence felt to the unsuspecting human race. Aside from the octopus-like Abominations of Cthulu, other extra-terrestrial monstrosities have dominated and wreaked havoc wherever they appeared. The destruction of the Sumerian and Aztec civilizations were the most unspeakable examples, as was the disappearance of entire groups of peoples such as the Roanoke colony.

The following are just a short list of Starspawn encountered by SHADOW Company and their elite Edelweiss Kill Team. Not all black operations against such creatures were considered successful, often resulting in unnecessary Pyrrhic victories with little or nothing gained in return.

Starspawn Behemoth

Starspawn Goliath

Starspawn Grendel

Starspawn Kraken

Starspawn Leviathan.

Starspawn Wraith


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