Stratagems are the collective term referring to an array of SHADOW Company resources that Kill Team Edelweiss can have delivered during missions on enemy territory. Such assets are usually called upon by radio and delivered by air, but team members such as Rosemary and Gentian can summon certain stratagems using their computer-aided special abilities while Foxglove, being the leader of SHADOW, has access to a greater amount of these resources.

Stratagems are divided into the following four categories based on their intended use:

SUPPLY. Provides the Edelweiss with personal drones, stocks of weaponry, ammunition and even vehicles.

DEFENSIVE. Grants the Kill Team certain automated turrets and mines to help defend against the enemy mobs / hordes or even gear that helps to avoid threats altogether.

OFFENSIVE. Allows the Kill Team to call down an assortment of heavy artillery and airstrikes all designed to take the fight directly to the enemy.

SPECIAL. Some of the most dangerous weapons in the SHADOW Company armory may be acquired and always with the special approval of the CEO Foxglove herself!


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