The Hive




The Hive is the name given by the rank-and-file employees to the main underground base of operations of SHADOW Company. Location in the snowy mountains just outside the city of Zurich in Switzerland, the vast complex is constructed directly under the mansion retreat called Falcon’s Nest and is owned by Saffron Corporation (whose main branch is in the city itself).

The subterranean installation also goes by the official name SHADOW Company Command Headquarters, or SHADOW Com HQ for short. It was designed to house over a thousand employees namely engineers, technicians, scientists, medical personal, and most of all, members of the Disinfestation Annihilation Unit and the secretive special operations team known as the Edelweiss.


The facility was constructed in 1999 and much of the funding was made through the use of elaborate money laundering schemes, Saffron Corporation’s unnamed accounts and even resources supposedly given by arch enemies SHIELD and Hydra. With Saffron, along with its omnipresent sister company SHADOW, holding immense influence over the Swiss authorities, they were able to maintain the secrecy of the underground base.


The Hive is made up of numerous facilities that are responsible for managing and supplementing the base’s important strategic and research functions. However, aside from being geared towards medical, scientific and engineering technology advancement the Hive also serves as the main mobilization, training and deployment site for SHADOW’s ever growing army of Disinfestors and the Revenant Kill Team Edelweiss.


Also called the Command Center, Mission Control is where all of SHADOW Company’s operations are being planned and coordinated. The spacious room is fitted with state of the art equipment and managed by a full-time personnel. Its most noticeable feature is the rotating hologram of the planet Earth which the the staff refer to as a “Hologlobe”.


The Hive’s Situation Room, less officially referred to as the War Room, is conference room and intelligence assessment center equipped with advanced quantum crytopgraphy and satellite communications gear. Its function is nearly similar to the more open Mission Control center except the facility may only be accessed by employees of SHADOW with the highest security clearance including its CEO Kimberly Anne Foxglove and members of Kill Team Edelweiss. It is used to monitor events locally and internationally as well as to conduct secure communications with SHADOW’s branches, affiliates and allies in every corner of the globe.

Aside from maintaining command and control of SHADOW Company assets around the world, the room is also used for a variety of other tasks ranging from the management of the corporation’s secret offshore finances to monitoring the activities of extra-terrestrials and other paranormals.

A large section of the Hive that is home to SHADOW’s best scientific and medical personnel. It was originally dedicated to the research of various physiological sciences with particular emphasis given to fields of biochemistry, virology and genetics, but has since branched out to other fields such as psionics and cybernetics. The labs even feature containment units for various captured creatures including Starspawn abominations, both alive and dead, for study.

Located in the Hive area designated as the Foundry, this section allows SHADOW to build a wide variety of equipment, weapons and even vehicles of human as well as extra-terrestrial design. Many items exclusive to the members of the Edelweiss were designed and constructed in this section including the experimental Exoframes.

The barracks is used to house the private army of SHADOW known as the Disinfestation Annihilation Unit. Unlike a traditional military barracks, it facility allows the integration of female and male members including dormitories and even a communal shower.

This part of the Hive is where different sorts of arms, ammunition and vehicles are stored, maintained, made, repaired and most of all issued to the DAU and the Edelweiss. It comes with its very own workshop for the modification and repair of technological weapons, as well as a traditional blacksmith section mostly used by the Deadly Nightshade where she forges her melee implements. Virtually every type of weapon ranging from blades, conventional small arms to non-existing energy-based weapons can be found in the Armory. The amount of weapons and ordnance put in safe storage is meant to supply a small yet well-trained army for years. Some of the armorers even claim it may last decades!

The Combat Training Center (sometimes shortened to CTC) is a very expansive part of the Hive which can simulate various real world environments and situations. It is here that new recruits are given their basic tests while seasoned veterans can continually hone their skills.

Located within the Hive’s Combat Training Center, it serves as both a trial run and research and observation facility where Disinfestors are tasked to track, hunt down and (usually) exterminate various prey such as hapless humans and animals mutated by SHADOW’s experiments, captured paranormal creatures and the occasional minor Starspawn that the Company had the luck to bring in. Regardless of the results of the “Hunt”, the assigned personnel would record their findings for analysis.

The nature of these hunts, especially the creatures that are allowed to be set loose, make these grounds the most dangerous part of the Hive and is therefore the most secured. Many a Disinfestor fell prey to the monsters in the labyrinth-like Hunting Grounds and the Revenants of the Edelweiss constantly train here, sometimes staying in the facility indefinitely.


This section allows SHADOW to store, repair, modify, arm, fuel and maintain land vehicles (including tanks), aircraft and even spacecraft. The Hive’s hangar bay operates not unlike an aircraft carriers and amphibious assault ships where elevators are used to lift aircraft from one deck to another. This is where the Edelweiss often start their deployment by boarding the aircraft of their choosing, usually the Sturmvogel.

The Hive

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